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The Influence of Healthcare Design in Today’s Marketplace

Rebecca, Principal at Design Studio Blue, was honored to be a featured guest on the Porcelanosa podcast where she spoke about the influence of Healthcare Design in today’s marketplace. Many thanks to the incredible hostess Cheryl Jannis for the opportunity to share Design Studio Blue’s process of designing a hospital setting from the moment the patient walks through the door until the time they leave – and every step in between.

During their conversation, they discussed how design, in general, can influence human behavior through the use of elements such as space, color, daylight, views, scale, and proportion. More specifically they discussed how these elements can create a calming and comforting environment in hospitals for both clinicians and patients who may be experiencing their darkest hour of need. Rebecca used Design Studio Blue’s completed Henderson Hospital project as an example of how to build different layers of color into a space while taking cues from the local community and landmarks. 

Rebecca and Cheryl talked about the rise and importance of Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD), a collaborative way to work with strategic partners that onboards the design and construction team members earlier in the process, and how it increases value by eliminating waste of time, money, talent and energy. More than just checking the boxes, ILPD helps professionals be more empathetic and opens up lines of communication. This, along with the influence of hospitality in informing healthcare design, are two of the trends Rebecca sees currently shaping the industry. Moving into the future she anticipates that there will be more influence from Baby Boomers and their children who are making decisions about their Health Care, as well as growth in technology design and the retail experience.

Listen to the full podcast Episode 6: Rebecca Brennan here.

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