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DSB is a nationally-recognized, award-winning, women-owned design firm with heart. We strive to be the interior design firm of choice both nationally and in Denver and the greater Rocky Mountain Region through consistent delivery to our clients and partners.

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Design Studio Blue, LLC, is a Denver-based, nationally-recognized, award-winning, woman-owned interior design firm specializing in commercial and wellness environments. We consistently produce innovative design and technique, and exceed expectations through the success of our work.

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Our Values

We strive to hire and retain highly engaged staff and foster their professional growth and development. Fusing our collective gifts to provoke genuine human connections, we value these traits: Direct/Open/Honest, Accountability, Transparency, Excellence, Leadership and Collaboration.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to provide fresh and innovative designs customized to our clients’ needs, vision, brand, and culture and completely engage with each project team to build trust and lasting relationships. We aim to stay abreast of trends and the latest technology as it applies to the delivery of our design services.

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Design Studio Blue is fortunate to work with world-class institutions and clients across the country.

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Lean Project Delivery

We believe in and have in-depth knowledge and experience in Integrated Lean Project Delivery.

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Design Studio Blue embraces and supports active involvement through giving of our time and talents.

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The latest Design Studio Blue news and a selection of published articles by our team.

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Insights & Awards

Our work has been nationally recognized. Over the years, Design Studio Blue has won a selection of awards.

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We often speak with colleagues and peers about the industry, see a list of some of our recent speaking engagements.

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Client Testimonials

I wanted to share with you some thoughts as I reflect back on our journey together at Henderson Hospital. As discussed in the Mgmt. mtg. this week, this has been the largest and most complex project that I have been involved in yet it has been the easiest and most fun for me. it's hard to imagine what my life would have been like in over the past two years had we delivered this project in a conventional manner. it's this team's innovation, collaboration and just plain hard work that made this project a complete success and of course made my work/life balance truly enjoyable. From an Owners perspective, I couldn't have asked for a better team and I feel that we together, have forged lasting relationships that are the foundation of future successful projects together. Thank you so much for your contribution to this project and please share this note of gratitude along to others within your company who contributed to this success story.

- Timothy Ott, Former Assistant Director Project Management; UHS of Delaware, Inc.

Rebecca has the intuitiveness to go above and beyond the traditional boundaries of client presentations while adapting to new strategies of design. Her approach combined technical research and color theory with popular culture influences and graphics shown alongside an array of materials to create the new set of guidelines. Her vast knowledge of design, art, and interior architecture brought a sense of cohesion and balance to the end product and in her presentation, she illustrated a greater design concept and showed the materials in a new graphic configuration. Her introduction of a vast arrangement of furniture styles spoke to the client’s character and the design of her presentation made it easily grasped. The new Air Force Design Guide took on a whole new persona that would have a rippling effect throughout international Air Force healthcare facilities.

- Aneetha McLellan, Executive Director of Health System Engagement & Design, Kimball International

Rebecca possesses a wonderful eye for design, color texture and form; and knows best how to use these in creating beautiful interiors. She is an exceptional listener, planner and collaborator when it comes to working with owners and trade partners on projects of any scale.

- Scott Romney, Former System Director Strategic Marketing and Business Development | The Valley Health System

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